Thursday, 24 October 2013

Less than 3 more weeks...

...until the big move. To-do list is complete so I'm actually ready to leave - apart from packing the allowed 20 kg of baggage.  
I got a lovely room that was actually my first choice since the moment I started looking for one. The landlord has dogs (which is a big plus for the dog person like myself), he seems extremely nice and the room itself seems big and has a view of the back garden so I suppose it's a quiet one. 
the room 

So the time has come to slowly say goodbye to my town, friends and family. Which brings me to my new obsession - taking photos whenever I'm out and about with my Brina. Every spot I've seen hundreds of times seems sort of magical in these autumn colours and I just can't help myself. How did we live without mobile phones?

 meadow at Marof

 Stojna in autumn colours

 our church

 the library

 Kočevje Lake

 a path through the woods

 trees in the morning fog

 river Rinža

local ski slope in Dolga vas 

I'm very sentimental and mushy these days. I'm trying to persuade myself I really shouldn't be, but the reason is one thing and the heart another. 
I invited some friends over for tomorrow evening so we can chat a little. I know there are skype, viber, facebook, whatsapp... I know it's easy to stay in touch these days, but still, that's not the same thing as going out with a friend, having a cup of coffee and a chat at the banks of the lake or in a town Cafe. 

I never had a lot of self-esteem and I worry I might be all alone and forgotten over the Channel. I feel physical pain in my stomach just imagining spending Christmas and my 40th birthday all alone over there. At the same time I try to be positive and I persuade myself I'm a nice person and there surely is at least one person in England that will like me for who I am and keep me company from time to time. Perhaps that person might even like my Balkan way of having coffee and a chat...

However I am excited at the same time. I can't wait to start working, getting to know new people, meeting my dear penpals, do some shopping. Things will be different, but I just have to stay positive and hope for the best.


  1. Sending you a big hug!!! <3 Will it be possible for Peter to come over for Christmas?

    1. Possible - yes. However he said the soonest he will come will be for my birthday. Let's hope he'll miss me enough to come and visit sooner than in 5 months...

  2. Good luck, dear Vesna! Hope it'll be a lovely, positive experience and adventure for you, and I'm sure you'll find new friends there!

  3. I am sure you will have a ton of friends over the Channel ! :-) This fabulous experience will be the best adventure you can have !!
    My dear Vesna, a huge thank you for the lovely bracelet I received this week -I came back from some days of holidays yesterday- I do not forget you and the ink stamp ;-) Huuugggssssssss