Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Shamrock and jade pendant

I made this pendant for a pen pal who likes shamrocks. I used green jade beads, shamrock pendant (Tibetan silver) and some wire. I wasn't really sure what to do with the ends of the wire, but in the end I formed them into a little bow on the bottom. What do you think?

Bejewelled easter eggs - tutorial

This is not my idea. I found the tutorial in Slovenian craft magazine called Unikat, but I think it's quite interesting so I decided to try it out and translate it.

Things you will need: 
- 1 full box of 2,6 mm beads (the main colour)
- about 1/4 of a box of 2,6 mm beads in another colour
- Styrofoam egg (mine is 6 cm high and 4,5 cm at the widest part)
- beading needle (you can do it without the needle, but it's much easier with it)
- 0,25 or 0,30 mm fishing line

First tie one contrasted bead close to one end of the fishing line. 

Add 3 beads in main colour + 1 contrasted bead + 3 beads in main colour... Make sure you have odd number of 3 beads. I have 9 times 3 beads here. If it's a bit too short for your egg, add a few beads at the first and last row so you have 1 yellow + 5 red + 1 yellow + 3 red +1 yellow+ ... + 1 yellow + 5 red + 1 yellow bead

When your string of beads is long enough, remove the last yellow bead a bit and go through the first 3 red + second yellow bead. 

Tighten the line really well. Make sure the line is always tight or you will have gaps between the beads when you wrap the beaded net around the egg.

Add 3 red + 1 yellow + 3 red beads to the beading needle and go through the 4th yellow bead in the string. Tighten well and continue like this...

... until you get to the end of the string. 

Then you remove the last yellow bead a bit and go through the first 3 red + second yellow bead. 

Add 3 red + 1 yellow + 3 red beads to the beading needle and go through the 4th yellow bead in the string. Tighten well and continue like this until you can almost wrap the net around the egg. 

For the egg my size the net with 12 "tails" in both ends is just perfect.

Wrap the net around your egg...

... and guide the fishing line through all the yellow beads on top. 

Tighten the line well.

Go through the 3 red beads and the second yellow bead on the right.

Add 3 red bead to the needle, go across the gap in the net and through the 3rd yellow bead in the row. Tighten well.

Continue adding 3 red beads and stitching the gap.

When you add the last 3 red beads and go through the second yellow bead from the bottom, you actually go through the yellow and the last 3 red beads.

Tighten as much as you can. 

Guide the fishing line through all the yellow beads on the bottom, tie a knot and hide the fishing line tails into the beads.

And this is the finished egg:

It's best if you can work with long fishing line so that there are no unnecessary knots in the middle of the net (I used 2 m for one net). the line has to be really tight all the time so the knot could untie itself. 

Play with different colours of beads - use the leftovers and create lines. It's so easy and so much fun after you make the first one. Good luck!

I would love to hear some hones feedback about the tutorial as I have no idea if my ramblings can actually be understood well enough to successfully finish the project. I have to add that the tutorial in the magazine sounded horrible until I actually tried to do it. Then it was really easy and it made complete sense.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Paper flowers tutorial

I live in a very small town with one semi decent craft shop. The main problem for me is the fact, that I can't get any paper flowers for a decent price. When I was making those spring wreaths I needed tons of them though, so I had to come up with something on my own and I'm sharing my "invention" with you all. :)

Things you will need: 

- traditional hole punch
- circle hole punch (my circles are a bit over 1 cm in diameter)
- crafting glue (make sure it's transparent when dry)
- paper in different colours

- some gemstones
- gemstone glue (not necessary at all)

First you cut out all the circles with the punches. I am using the green circles as base and the small yellow circles as the middle. Actually you don't really need the small circle in the middle, I just find it easier to form the flower this way.
You will need 1 green circle, 1 small yellow circle and 8 colourful circles for the petals to make one flower.

Glue the small circles in the middle of your base. 

Bend the colourful circles you plan to use as petals. 

Prepare a small pot with crafting glue and some sort of plastic mat you can assemble the flowers on. I'm using an empty sticker sheet on the photo. This will make it easier for you to remove the flower from the base and make sure the desk isn't covered with glue. :)

Take one petal, dip one corner in the glue...

... and stick it on your base. 

Glue all 8 petals to the base.

You can then leave the flower as it is or glue a gemstone in the middle.

You can also make bigger flowers by gluing more layers of petals around the middle.

Crystal ball jewellery set

I think this one is simple but elegant. I wanted to use Swarovski stones at first because they are a little bit smaller (these are 4 mm glass beads) and don't have that rainbow shimmer which I don't like, but they are simply too expensive. I need 30 beads for one ball and one box with 20 Swarovski stones is 6,99 Euro. Still, if you don't think about the rainbow shimmer, I think they look pretty nice. 

More altered notebooks

I made these for my pen pals in the past. All of them were sent as gifts by now, but I still think they are worth showing off. Am I presumptuous? 


 These are the first two I made. :)


I've been playing with my gemstone beads (green and purple jade & turquoise) on Sunday. I quite like these simple little earrings and I wish my ears could stand wearing earrings for longer than a few minutes because I'd love wearing them. Instead I'll most likely put them in my DaWanda shop.