Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Paper flowers tutorial

I live in a very small town with one semi decent craft shop. The main problem for me is the fact, that I can't get any paper flowers for a decent price. When I was making those spring wreaths I needed tons of them though, so I had to come up with something on my own and I'm sharing my "invention" with you all. :)

Things you will need: 

- traditional hole punch
- circle hole punch (my circles are a bit over 1 cm in diameter)
- crafting glue (make sure it's transparent when dry)
- paper in different colours

- some gemstones
- gemstone glue (not necessary at all)

First you cut out all the circles with the punches. I am using the green circles as base and the small yellow circles as the middle. Actually you don't really need the small circle in the middle, I just find it easier to form the flower this way.
You will need 1 green circle, 1 small yellow circle and 8 colourful circles for the petals to make one flower.

Glue the small circles in the middle of your base. 

Bend the colourful circles you plan to use as petals. 

Prepare a small pot with crafting glue and some sort of plastic mat you can assemble the flowers on. I'm using an empty sticker sheet on the photo. This will make it easier for you to remove the flower from the base and make sure the desk isn't covered with glue. :)

Take one petal, dip one corner in the glue...

... and stick it on your base. 

Glue all 8 petals to the base.

You can then leave the flower as it is or glue a gemstone in the middle.

You can also make bigger flowers by gluing more layers of petals around the middle.


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