Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Spring/Easter wreaths

Yesterday I started trying out different ideas for the spring or Easter decorations. I saw a similar wreath in one of the Slovenian crafting magazines, but apart from the small punch-out flowers, I changed everything. :) 
I gave the one on the left to my good friend and the one on the right (sorry about the bad photo) to my mum who loves birds. I still plan to make one for myself and at least two to be sold in a local shop.

Things I used to make them: styrofoam wreath, green rice paper, organza ribbons, paper flowers (will write a tutorial for them later on if anybody is interested), different ribbons, crafting glue, hot glue gun, paper leaves and other decorations. Just take the idea if you like it and roll with it. :)

After I posted this, I had to make 5 more wreaths. The middle one i my by the way. The horrible pink/purple one was ordered in this coulour. I really don't like it, but I guess the customer is always right. :)


  1. Oh, now I know what a wreath is! You see these a lot with Autumn and of course with Christmas.
    Now I can imagine why your relatives want one too.
    Maybe you can invite them at your place so you can craft all together :)!

    Your Dutch penfriend Marilyn

    1. Hey Marilyn!
      Thanks for being my fifth follower. :)
      I'm afraid I don't have any relatives who would consider crafting fun.

  2. And I'm your fifth follower!

  3. Try to sell the tutorials at Craftsy: I'm sure someone would buy at least a couple of patterns. :)

    1. Not a bad idea Tiina, but I guess I need to think of something special first. :)